Your Ideas

You may already have a few rough ideas on what you want

We can take these, tweak them, enhance them and then stitch everything together to create your perfect website.

  • Maybe you have a couple of pictures, some photos or a logo you want to use?
    Collect up any pictures, photos or logos you want to use on your website. The more you have the better. We will be able to create a site that is uniquely yours.
  • A few words you wanted to say.
    If you have any ideas, make a note of them. It's your website, it can say anything you want. But be careful, getting too wordy puts people off. Remember a picture is a thousand words!
  • A few colors?
    Be careful: Your favorite colour might be ochre, but your customers may think 'baby poo'! There's a bit of a science to getting the colours right. A techy site like this needs to be soothing & calming, light blue does the job.

Your Site

  • £450

    This is an 'all inclusive' price for a one page website with up to 10 sections of content on the homepage. Larger or dynamic sites would be priced individually
  • On average 1 section or page is completed per day

    Genrerally, one section or page per day is the norm for moderately simple sites. More complicated sites take longer.
  • Domain, email, & hosting

    Domain: Email:
    Hosting: Your website will sit on the same space on the internet as our websites.
  • Minor updates are free

    Tweaking text or swapping images is an easy job so there is usually no charge.
  • Usually 36-48 months

    We usually reckon a website will be good for 3-4 years. After that its time for a refit.
  • We take responsibility

    Nobody expects you to know the laws of the internet, that is our job. We assume full responsibility and do this for you.