Your products

With a branch in every home, the internet is the world's greatest department store.

Pitch your products right and you should do well. Getting the product across in a clear and interesting manner is the key. Whatever way you look at it, it's old-fashioned salesmanship.

  • Product pictures
    Pictures are what will sell your product. Quality is king, a poor quality picture can give a bad impression of your product.
    Top tip: Turn up the light & get in close. Mo from Mo Mambo takes mouthwatering pictures using only his camera phone.
  • Product description.
    Sizes, colours, options, be clear and specific. The more detail you give, the better informed the customer will be. A well-informed customer purchases the correct product, resulting in fewer returns.
  • A few colors?
    Be careful: Your favorite color might be brochure, but your customers may think 'baby poo'! There's a bit of science in getting the colors right; A techy site like this needs to be soothing & calming, light blue does the job.

Your Store

  • £2.50 per page, per month

    ecommerce sites have a lot of background pages. A simple ecommerce site like would cost about £75 per month.
  • On average 1 page per day

    Once work has begun, 1 page per day is the norm for moderately simple sites. More complicated sites will take much longer.
  • Domain, email, & hosting

    Domain: Email:
    Hosting: Your website will sit on the same space on the internet as our websites.
  • Free

    It's that simple, we don't charge for changing pictures or tweaking text.
  • usually 36-48 months

    We usually reckon a website will be good for 3-4 years, after that its time for a refit.
  • We take responsibility

    Nobody expects you to know the laws of the internet, thats our job. We assume full responsibility and do this for you.