Cookie Policy

Like most of the rest of the internet, uses cookies.

Cookies are small text files that store bits of information - kinda like 'post-it-notes'.

We use cookies for four things:
1. Our cookie notification widget
2. Our web stats system
3. The 'share this' buttons
4. Facebook.

EU law says we have to tell you we use cookies. Our cookie notification widget tells you we use cookies and stores the fact that its told you in a cookie. Storing this fact in a cookie saves it from bugging you every time you visit us.

Our web stats system helps us undertand what our visitors like.  The cookies store:
1, Where you came from - this helps us know if our advertising works.
2, The number of times your browser has visited us - this helps us know if people like us.
3, The pages visited - if we have unvisited pages, obviously we need to work on them.
4, The times - this helps us know when our busy times are, if we need more staff and when they should work.
And that’s it, there's nothing else. Its totally anontmus; we don’t know who you are, we don't need to. We're just happy that you came to visit us. Thank you.

For details on the ShareThis and Facebook cookies, please visit their websites.  It would be wrong of us to speak for them; they change their stuff so often, it'll probably be out of date before we've finished writing it.

You can set your browser to reject cookies if you don't want them.


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